Student Spotlight

Interview with Sylvan Catwell

Sylvan Catwell, like many, aspired to greater academic heights and made the decision to broaden his horizons and has no regrets about it. Catwell knew what he wanted, and with unwavering determination and focus, he embarked on a mission of successfully completing a Masters in Water Pollution Management at Middlesex University, United Kindgom (UK). He was the only one of thirty-nine (39) persons who completed his programme in one year.


For him, the Student Revolving Loan Fund (SRLF) was the easiest option. It was the right choice. He stated that “it was more economical with lower interest rates” compared with a Bank loan. His relationship with SRLF proved to be a positive one with no difficulties — disbursement of money was quick, and without issues.


As a mature student, he set and observed priorities. His experience in London was educative, and involved quite a bit of work. Goal oriented, he was prepared from the start, having begun his research in “Pollution Risk Assessment of the West Coast Ground Water (Limestone) Catchment of Barbados” from the first week of his course, and was more than 60% complete by the end of his classroom lectures.


Catwell, who is currently the Chief Building Development Officer in the Ministry of Environment, had good advice to share with students contemplating studying abroad. He encourages students to be focused, optimise their experience and complete their course in a timely manner. For students in need of assistance, or in search of financial means to study abroad, Catwell recommends the SRLF.